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Thread: Clearwater "Krista" Running Lights

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    Clearwater "Krista" Running Lights

    Having recently busted one of the stock running lights off my GSA in a gravel-related spill, I replaced the pair with something else. I hadn't been all that blown away by the stock auxiliaries, and, when suggested by the dealer, I made an impulse purchase getting something purported to be better: Clearwater "Krista" Running Lights.

    Boy Howdy! I think I've just turned the ol' Beemer into a much more capable - and safer - tourer.

    Here's a little initial review of them:

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    So I took a little dusk/evening ride home from a meeting tonight - first opportunity to check out the Kristas. Here are my "findings":


    With the GSA's Hi beam on and the Kristas at full, more than a few drivers flashed.
    With the GSa's Hi beam off and the Kristas at full, same result.
    With the GSA's Hi beam on and the Kristas ratcheted down about half way, no one seemed annoyed.
    With the GSA's Hi beam off and the Krista's off, I felt at a disadvantage against the lurking, inky blackness. EEEK!

    At about half strength, the Kristas give what I would estimate to be about 150 yards of illumination to the shoulders of both sides of the road. Full blast, as someone on Pashnit (a great touring site if you've not already discovered it) commented previously, you can see a great distance. I'd estimate 1/4 mile. The Pashnit response said 1/2 mile. Not sure.

    Degree or width of beam? Someone suggested 30 degrees. Can't say for sure. Just know that there is greater illumination than I experienced with the stock running lights on. I like being able to see what's going on on the shoulders of the roadway. I think the Clearwaters are a great improvement over what came on the BMW, however, it will take some time to learn to reach for the dimmer dial on the Kristas - which requires moving the left hand from the grip - than moving a thumb to dim the Hi beam.

    These get a thumbs up from me.

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    also had them installed

    Man, what a difference at night! I bought and had them installed at the rally and glad I did...nuf said!

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    I have a set of the original Krista lights on my 07 GS (they are considerably brighter now) and have to say they are da bomb at helping me see deer far downrange at night. I like being able to dial them down so I can still use them at night without bothering oncoming cars, but hit the high beam and HOLY COW it's like having miniature suns on the light bar!

    At Sedalia the owner of Clearwater walked past and noticed that the anodized coating on the smaller Glenda lights I have mounted on the 2010 GSA sidecar rig had worn off. He gave me a replacement set of rings no questions asked...even though I hadn't complained about the copper color. So put exceptional customer service on the list of reasons to buy Clearwater lights!

    I'll be adding a set of the new Kristas to my GSA this winter. Night riding isn't something I'd planned on doing, but the heat on the way to and from the rally had us up at 3am and the stock GSA lighting left a bit to be desired.

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    Kristas (Clearwater) or Denali's (Twisted Throttle) - light up the night hardware!
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