Hey All:

Just chiming in that I/we will be riding across the plains of KS to Sedalia on Wednesday (tomorrow already!) to the Rally. I'll be leaving the Denver metro area about 7:30am (more or less) and meet my father at the truckstop in Limon, CO about 9:00am. He will be starting from Colo Springs.

Anyone is welcome to join us for the ride.

Plan "A" for us is to drive all the way to the fairgrounds tomorrow.
Plan "B" is to stop in a motel somewhere around Kansas City for the night. It just depends on how old we feel when we get to the far side of KS. ..plan "B" also has the advantage of *not* setting up tents after dark when we are tired & hungry.

Feel free to reply here or PM me if you think you might want to join us.
I'll be on a black K75 rat bike. My dad will be on his clean blue R1150.

Happy Riding, see you in MO!