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Thread: Heading out from Woodstock IL

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    Heading out from Woodstock IL

    Tomorrow's the day!
    Hope to be pushing off by 6am (if not sooner) aboard the mighty Bullfrog.
    Taking 39 south out of Rockford to 88W to 74/110 to 67/110. Should keep me closer to the river and nicer riding while avoiding cities.
    Hope to see many Roundels on the road... be sure to give the universal MOA wave.
    (Not really sure what that is, hopefully not what everyone is thinking right now!)

    The heat may suck... but the company will make up for it I'm sure!
    Besides, good adventure stories don't come from an uneventful and bland experience... right?

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    Roy and I are getting a late start (mid Thursday) but the schedule is still to make it down in one shot.
    Haven't seen you since tech day and was that last year?
    See you down there.

    Tentative route
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    Departing from Evergreen Park tomorrow....overnighting in Marshall....going in early on Thursday to check in.

    I'm going to take the northerly route across MO on route 36...
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    Quote Originally Posted by DERost View Post
    The heat may suck... but the company will make up for it I'm sure!
    Be sure to stop by the Chicago Region tent in the club camp area and visit.

    Hank Barta
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