Hello. , Beemerred here and I drive construction equipment to job sites out of St. Lou
Well, this week-end I left (FRI.) for Odessa, TX. Round Trip back to home and the Beemer crowd did us proud on I-44 all week-end long. Saw lots of GS`s, lots of RT`s and such and the occasional old airhead. I thought some were going to the MO. State Rally which I hope they move back to June next year and then on to the Nat. I CAN`T WAIT! to ride my new bike back to St. Louis. My finances are such right now that it`s my only way to have TWO bikes and if I do happen to win one I also can`t wait to stick it in front of my wife`s nose who said and I quote "You`ve never won anything in your life!!!" Well that would be almost as much fun as riding one home. Good Luck to everyone, enjoy the "RALLY" (remember there is A/C this year) and I`ll see you in the Beer Garden.