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Thread: Yep I am a wimp

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    Going to be 99 in Chicago today and low 90's the rest of the week. News flash: It's summer and it's hot pretty much everywhere. We live to close to miss this rally and are REALLY looking forward to losing our rookie status!
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    Is it a badge of honor

    It seems to be a badge of honor to camp out in 90 degree weather, riding couple of hundred miles in extreme heat.

    I have decided that there are days too hot to ride (for me). I can ride in rain for hours, but if it high 90's I avoid riding. I will wimp out, and wait for BMWMOA to contact me with my winning ticket, for the raffle. Does that custom K1000 come with air?

    For those the venture out to Missouri, enjoy the heat the best you can, and drink more water then beer.
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    nights have been in the low to mid 70's
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    Quote Originally Posted by AKsuited View Post
    I realize that to do my bucket list rides I will have to cross the Great Plains in hot weather. I am gradually gearing up for that with mesh jackets, mesh pants I will purchase soon, and a CamelBak.
    I've crossed the Great Hot Plains many times during the summer months.

    Instead of mesh... which cooks your body when temperatures exceed 98.6 degrees ... consider riding in a damp t-shirt with your gear closed. *Much* cooler

    Go soothingly through the grease mud, as there lurks the skid demon.
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