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Thread: ldc comfort products

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    ldc comfort products

    Anyone had any experience with ldc underwear or helmet liners?kinda pricey but good reviews.just got a new Rick Mayer seat and love it but have to do something in the under wear department crowding my junk on long rides

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    LD Comfort

    I've got the underwear, long sleeved shirt, and helmet liner. They have worked great so far. I rode an Iron Butt Saddlesore for 1051 miles and several other rides with temps ranging from 45-105. I'll be ordering more gear from them in the future.
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    It's nice, but the Under Armour stuff is cheaper and works just as well.

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    If you asked the same question of Iron Butt Rally finishers you would find that almost all of them wear LD Comfort shorts and other garments.
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    I love the LD comfort shorts. That's all I rode in the saddle on a month long cross country trip. You can wash them in a motel sink, roll them up in a towel, step on them to squeeze the water out, then hang them up. They'll be clean and dry by morning. Two pair will take you anywhere.

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    LDC shorts, tights, long and short sleeve tops used under the Darien or the BMW gear and a helmet liner under the Shoei.
    Great product and Mario (owner) may answer the phone when you call!
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    Best ever!!!
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    I've looked at those but they seem like bicycle shorts without the pads for double the price. I've always had very good luck with cycling shorts, including 540 miles, much of it in triple digit heat, last Saturday.

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    LD Comfort

    You won't be a believer until you try them, then you'll nothing else. I was skeptical as well.
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    Bought the tights a couple of years ago at Redmond, and other than commuting to work, they are the ONLY thing I wear under my gear. At the end of the days ride I jump in the shower with them on, wash them up, rinse them, roll them in a towel after and they are nice and dry in the morning for the next day. Even the hottest days the tights make it more comfortable than anything else I've tried, and I tried bicycle short, under armour, etc. Going for a shirt this year.

    My only beef with the tights is they are WAY too long and I'm too lazy to get them shortened. (5'11", 32 inseam) If they had calf length, I'd grab a pair of them in a heartbeat.
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    I was desperate in Bloomsburg. I grew up working in tobacco fields; but that heat had me looking for anything that would give me relief. I bought the shorts, short sleeve top and helmet liner. It was a wise choice.
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    Most of our long distance riding buddies wear LD Gear, seeing the demonstration at the rally made a believer out of me!

    Then you can have black underwear washing parties!

    OK, there might have been Tuaca involved!
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    Wouldn't be without mine!

    And they don't even come in RED!

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    LD Comfort

    I subscribe to the long pant liner and the long sleeve shirt. I find this is a very comfortable combination - works well in the winter with heated jacket liner over the torso, and works well in the summer to maintain some semblance of coolness when riding at speed. The water down the sleeves and back trick is a great way to increase the cooling effect of the LD gear.

    Mario is also a long distance rider and understands well what we need. I also like the helmet liner that I use on and off during rallying.
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    + whatever on LDC. Sometimes I'll leave for a ride and not have them on (the short-term memory is the first thing to go..) and regret it. Any ride over about 30 minutes deserves putting them on. Not having seams in the seating area makes all the difference for me.

    They also make excellent swim trunks if you happen to check into a motel with a pool in really hot weather and forgot your swim suit. No one will even notice them (as long as the dog-house stays closed.)

    It's one of those products that REALLY REALLY WORKS!

    I tried bike shorts, with the padding, felt very uncomfortable to me, as if I'd.. ummm.. crapped my shorts - well, you know what I mean. (DAMHIKT, I just do..)
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