Hello Everyone,

I suppose that the majority of people are getting ready for Sedalia, and that there will be some great trips in the days ahead, as people head to Missouri.

I have been reading through lots of the trip threads, and have gotten a great deal of enjoyment out of them. I have read trips from all over the planet, and they're just aren't enough of them. It was fun to take our last trip & write about it as well. I thought that while each of us enjoys going on epic journey's that we love to read about, each of us lives somewhere that is likely someone else's destination.

I was thinking on my ride with my wife yesterday that I would take a ride to some of the cool places where I live, and give a ride report about it. It follows this posting. I'd like to see a bunch of the fellow members post in a similar manner. We could call the thread "Everyday Escapes," or "Tales from the Hood," or any one of a number of clever titles.

Please enjoy my posting, and I will look forward to reading yours...