There have been three seminar cancellations and 2 seminar/meeting additions.

Jack Riepe is not going to be able to make the rally due to health issues. So his seminars on Thursday and Friday morning in the arena have been cancelled.

John Fitzwater has to be in the UK buying bikes for his busines so his seminar on Friday morning in the Arena and on Saturday morning in the Assembly Hall have been cancelled.

Joe Lloyd will not be able to join us due to an unexpected work commitment. His seminar in the Assembly Hall on Thursday afternoon and Saturday afternoon in Assembly Hall Classroom 2 have been cancelled.

We have added a First Time Rally Attendees gathering in the Assembly Hall on Saturday from 10 - 11.

We have also added a Q& A session about BMW motorcycles and cars with Georg Blumoser, BMW Classic from Munich on Friday from 12:30 - 1:30 in the Youth Center building.

There may be other changes so please look at the Daily Updates Muriel posts throughout the rally grounds.

The 40th Anniversary Rally is going to a memorable event. Hope to see you in Sedalia.

Deb Lower
2012 Seminar Committee Chair