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Thread: I hate to point it out but.........

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    Just got back from my second day at the rally.

    Sure it was kind of hot, but honestly not that bad. There were, however, tons of places to soak in AC. Many large air conditioned buildings. Tons of shady spots whether natural or man-made. Both Thursday and today there was a breeze blowing pretty constantly that made it feel a little better. Cool water available in multiple spots.

    Not even remotely miserable enough to miss the rally for. This coming from someone who hates hot weather. I'd far rather freeze than fry.

    Really, the only people who probably have room to gripe are the tire changes. Those guys had bikes lined up like crazy both days I was there. Big difference between walking around looking at stuff and being able to duck into an A/C building at any time versus actually working outside for days.

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    We got home late last night. Was not even close to as bad as I was expecting. Temps were hot but only if you were in the sun. It got chilly at night, had to close up rain fly and cover up. The air was dry and the grounds had lots of shade and breezes. We spent as much or more time outside as in. The ride in was hot because we delayed our time to much but was prepared and took the right precautions. Now we are from Indiana and have to be prepared for anything here day to day so I can see how people from predictable temp. states would have issues, but those who didn't come out it was an awesome show. The grounds were clean and huge. It was like a motorcycle city, we would go for rides just to see it all, we put a lot of miles on bike just riding around grounds. Thanks to all who made it possible.

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