I sprung for a Sena SMH10 helmet headset to go with my new (to me) 12RT. I got it working OK-I do have some issues with the BT, but I am hoping the tech support people there can get me through those. My biggest worry is comfort. Those ear speakers take up all the available space in the ear pockets of my Shoei full face helmet, causing severe mashing and pain on my poor old ear flaps. I am thinking this problem cannot be resolved, at least with this helmet. Are there thinner ear speakers out there? Are ear buds the answer? I have tried ear buds in the past and it was difficult to put the helmet on without dislodging them and often the pain associated with taking the helmet on and off was more than I could bear. The earphones sticking out would hang up on the helmet padding. Music just isn't worth it. Are there any unobtrusive earphones available?