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Thread: On the road again

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    On the road again

    A couple of weeks ago I was cleaning my garage and against the wall was my first street bike I had ever owned, an 81 Honda Silverwing 500GL. I looked at the bike and wondered what I should do with it. With four bikes in the garage I figured I should either get rid of some or start ridding them.
    Later that night I got a call from a good buddy of mine who was telling me he wanted to get a street bike once again. However, he could not find anything in his price range that was not a small bike. I had not told him that I spend the afternoon in the garage wondering what I should do with these bikes I am not using. So I asked if he would be interested in my old Silverwing? Even though I told him it would need new tires, battery, and possibly brakes, he seemed very exited. I then started thinking about how much that would cost him. And how much I should charge him for the bike. Well after a few minutes of thinking that I have not used that bike in years and it was just sitting there I told him I would just give him the bike. He lives about three hours away and the very next morning he was at my house and we were loading up the bike into his trailer.
    A week ago he called me up and told me the bike is as good as new and ready to ride. So I jumped on my BMW and cruised out to meet him. We had a splendid day ridding around the Headwaters of the Mississippi River, Lake Itasca.
    It was so very nice to see my old bike being loved once again. And I feel so good about myself to have helped a friend who did not have much money get into ridding once again.
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    I thought some people might get a kick out of this picture from the same day.
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    what a nice thing to do

    may the blessings of BMW karma fall back on you ten fold! good story. good deed.
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    you match the coach nicely

    good job on the deed, what are the other bikes? I'm thinking about getting back into bikes.....

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    This is why you are Rounder Zero

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