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Thread: How Do YOU Deal With Tailgaters?

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    I usually pull to the side and wave them by. There's really no sense in getting into a battle of wills when he's wielding a 6000lb truck and I'm completely defenseless. It's just not worth losing my life or being seriously injured over ego. That being said, this is only a recent change of attitude. Historically I've been much more aggressive and combative...playing games...slowing chase...flipping the bird...kicking a door...etc. I think I worry more about orphaning my kids these days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1100RTGUY View Post
    give a couple of warnings with a tap on the brake and if that doesn't work, slow down and let the idiots pass
    I try not to do this, but if it works for you, cool. I for one don't want a 5000 pound steel enema.
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    so the concept of "slow down" is not that you drop your speed to such a low level that it manages to piss off the cretin behind you, but that it provides you with more space between you and the vehicle you are behind. that way, when traffic does it's accordion slow down, you have room to stop without it having to be a panic situation. your slowing is very temporary. use that tactic when there is no where to pull over to (shoulder, turnout, lane to your right, etc).
    i guess i've gotten spoiled by not having to deal with city traffic. on the backroads, i do not get tailgated. i typically ride "just a bit" faster than traffic. doing so means that i am always in greater control of my riding circumstances, as it will be very rare to have someone come up on me from behind. then, the vehicles i have passed act as the buffer between me and any potential TGers. i prefer to be a bit on the aggressive side, rather than on the passive side of operations.
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