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... Finally he did pass me and all was well, but it really pissed me off. QUOTE]

Accept the first part of your sentence, and learn to ignore the second part!

In bumper to bumper traffic at 50 to 60 mph (think I-270, west St Louis rush hour) I just leave a small space cushion between me and the vehicle in front, being aware that in those conditions others will try to occupy my cushion if they can. I focus mainly on what's ahead of me and ignore whats behind me.

Bumper to bumper at 10-20 mph, hey we're all tailgaiting at that speed.

If its heavy traffic but space to pass and such, I move to the right lanes and let em go.

If it's two lane and bumper to bumper, I just leave a cushion between me and the vehicle in front, and realize my danger is if "I" have to stop suddenly and he runs up my tail pipe, so I keep aware on whats happening several vehicles in front of me so I don't have to stop suddenly.

Its really just human nature to crowd to the front. Try this experiment sometime. When you are standing in a line, any line; movies, grocery store, amusement park, stand about 6 feet behind the person in front of you, and keep that distance. People behind you will start to crowd you, wanting you to move up, as if that will get them there faster....human nature
I think that "OldnSlow" has the best and safest solution and is what I usually do. First of all, pay attention to the traffic ahead of you and ignore the nut behind you. Pissing him off will do you no good. You are not going to change this nuts driving habits; they drive like that when they are in a hurry or just going to church on lazy Sunday morning.

If you are on a two lane road in bumper to bumper traffic, no one is going anywhere. If you are on a four lane and can get over, then do so.

When I was young and stupid, I used to do other things which I won't mention here. But, it has to do with those things we can't talk about here, the thingie we carry in a holster or tankbag. Before anyone tells me, I said it was not smart.