I purchased my 2004 RT last fall, and since then have used it almost exclusively for my daily commute to the big city. My low mileage truck stays parked in favor of a vastly more enjoyable commute and ten dollar a day gas savings. On rainy days, I've always been intensely but pleasantly focused on visibility, oily or slippery patches, and other considerations unique to wet weather riding. A couple of months ago, on a different bike than my daily driver, I enjoyed a low speed lay-down entering a parking lot. Super slick painted concrete, and I was down with a torn thigh muscle. Couldn't right the bike without help, heck I could barely walk at all for days. Since that day, I have had a phobia of wet patches and riding in the rain. Silly, but very real. Tomorrow, I'm getting back on the horse for a forecasted rainy commute. Wish me well with my ride and weird insecurity. It's laughable, but it's a formidable mental hurdle for me. Any similar experiences, rain related or not?