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Thread: International Selkirk Loop - how NOT to do it

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    International Selkirk Loop - how NOT to do it

    A long-planned trip on the GSA circumnavigating the vaunted Selkirk Loop (ID, WA, BC) went awry because of my own short-sightedness. More experienced world riders would not have encountered the same do-do. In retrospect, the trip was fun and adventuresome. At the time however...


    Posted is a little "what not to do" as well as some pictures of half of the Selkirk Loop.

    Some day I will wake up smart.

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    Nice read!

    Those roads can be treacherous at night, as you discovered. Nelson is a great little town (I think the only crime there is parking violations!) and the Hume is a wonderful hotel/restaurant. Glad you enjoyed the run down the east side of Kootenay Lake down to Creston.

    Next trip keep going north past Balfour to Kaslo and then turn west to New Denver for an hour's worth of the best winding road in BC. From New Denver turn south to Castlegar and then loop back into the US.

    Come back soon!
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