Love to visit? Love to meet new people? Love to help a great cause? Love a good competition? THIS JOB IS FOR YOU!!!

Please come and help sell 50/50 Raffle tickets. Shifts are 2 hours long, start at 9am, 11am, 1pm and 3pm. Thursday, Friday and Saturday. There are sitting jobs, walking jobs and even golf cart driving jobs, there might even be a beer garden-hanging-out job.

To make it a bit more interesting this year we are going to get a little competition started for most $$$$$ collected....there will be a shift winner, a day winner and a 3 day winner. Small prizes will be given and the overall winner will get a little award and some serious bragging rights.

For those who need a little 50/50 primer - raffle tickets will be sold, half the ticket stub goes to the buyer the other half goes into the big raffle jar. At a predetermined time 1 (one) ticket will be drawn by an innocent bystander (usually under the age of 10). This ticket will receive 50% of the collection up to this point. The other 50% will go to our chosen children's charity. Easy? ....right?

If you want to have the mostest fun ;-) reply to this thread with what shift you would like to work, email me directly or sign up at the volunteer booth when you come to the rally. See you all there.......

Viva Las Vegas