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Thread: BMW City 2 Denim Pants

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    BMW City 2 Denim Pants

    I've got a pair of these and have ridden about 4 times in them. I like them, except for the knee armor, which is pretty heavy duty and a bit irritating while on the bike. I've tried all the position adjustments, and have settled on the one that seems to work the best...though it's a compromise.

    Just wondered if others have these pants...and did the armor get more comfortable over time?

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    I have several items of BMW gear with the NP armor (including the same pants you have). It is less comfy than the black ProLife armor that came with my SG2 but probably more protective. After some time you will likely notice the armor less as it doesn't really "break in" to any extent. The one thing about this armor is that it is VERY temperature sensitive, if it is cool the armor is rock hard and takes some time for your body heat to warm it.

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    I tried those and then tried the Summer 3 pants and found them a bit more comfortable.... they have the NP armor which adjusts to your knee shape and doesn't seem to be too hot for me to tolerate.. I do wish you could wash the pants with the armor in however since it's a bit of a hassle to remove it and replace it all the time.
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