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Thread: Restoration Photos and Progress 1932 R4 Series 1

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    Restoration Photos and Progress 1932 R4 Series 1


    This is some progress photos of my newest project, a 1932 R4 series 1.
    It is a 400cc single, with a three speed hand shift gearbox. I'm lucky in the fact that the original steering head ID plate was on the frame, and the number stamped in the ID plate, and frame, and engine all match. The bike has a lot of problems, needless to say. It was involved in a wreak sometime in it's 80 year old past, and the front forks were bent, and the frame is tweaked. I just now have the front end repaired. (which involved removing rivets, straightening the lower triple plate, and installing new rivets) I had to make all new pivot bushings and shafts for those tiny front swing arms. I have gone through, and finished, the gearbox and final drive, and drive shaft, so far. Now that I have a straight front end, I have to determine where the main frame is tweaked. But before I can have a good reference, I have to have two laced true wheels. And, of course, the wheels are not only WAY out of true, there are broken spokes, and naturally I will have to have spokes made, since they are not available. And the list goes on and on... Another year or so, and I may have it totally restored and back on the road.
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