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Thread: West Michigan Tire Changing Machine?

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    West Michigan Tire Changing Machine?

    Need to put on a few tires. Will be taking the wheels off my self, but the shops are just getting too expensive. Rather give someone a few bucks to use a machine. Send me a pm if available.

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    I'm in Lexington, IL which is probably too far to be worth your while but if you get bored. . .

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    I got Nomar in Vernon Hills,il 60061
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    Last fall I purchased a Harbor Freight tire changer, I not even assembled it yet.
    If you need to do a tire, and want to help assemble, I be glade to let anyone who needs to mount a tire use it. May even have cold beer in RV frig.

    I do not as yet have a balance setup, may look for one soon.
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