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Thread: 1963 R69s Knocks

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    Me too

    Quote Originally Posted by 69zeff65 View Post
    Or slow speed jets are usually what causes these bikes to act like that. I cleaned the ones in Ole Grey a bunch of times until I found a source for None-Ethanol gas.
    Although they tell you not to I found the most effective way to clean the idle jets is to take a single strand of stainless brake cable and run it through the passage, a simple shot of carb cleaner in the carb body passage works for them.
    I did the same thing with my R69S carbs. After experiencing it for the first time, I made sure I ran Lucas gas treatment in the tank.

    I also had the pinging issue and my problem was because the manual timing advance lever had worked itself loose and was allowing the timing to move at will.

    Those are great bikes. I was lucky to have Clanton Austell to help me out. I am glad you have found someone who is good with these bikes. BTW, mine had over 300,000 miles on it when I sold it and it was still a strong runner.
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    R69S koccks - coil?

    Also, one last thing, but the coil is a replacement, and is marked "emerald island". I have it in my head that these were the coils that were known for being a bit dodgy. Was this the case?

    The reproduction coils we sell have been very reliable. As with anything made by humans, there is a bad apple now and then. If you are questioning the condition of the coil, send it back to me, we'll test it.

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    I removed the idle jets, and sure enough, couldn't see through them. Carb cleaner and some air did the trick, shot a bit of air through the carb, and just to be on the safe side, I cleaned out the main jets as well (they were fine).

    Put it all back together, and 2-3 kicks later, success!

    I used Vech's starting technique, no tickles at all, and it looks like we have a winner!

    The asterisk, however, is becase a. I can't find the damn timing hole plug, and b. I haven't had it on the road for a full-on test. We have the Woodward Dream cruise a few miles away, but I learned my lesson about motorcycles in a car parade - you are a sitting target as you sit in a traffic jam with a left hand cramp, so I'm going to have to head AWAY from the parade....

    I'll see if I can get a ride in.

    Thanks to everyone for the help!

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