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Thread: Painting the Beemer Engine Case....

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    Smile Painting the Beemer Engine Case....

    Hey, all....

    I'm going to be getting my 1984 R65 painted real soon, and I figured while I have the parts to be painted off, I would like to re-paint the part of the engine case black that is supposed to be black, since some of the paint is scratched off or faded. Anyone know what kind of paint I should use and any tips or suggestions in painting so it will look respectable? Also, any tips on what to use to clean up the jugs and make them a bit shinier? They are kind of dirty and dingy. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! John

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    With some of my rat bikes, I've had varying degrees of success using Krylon high-temp black (somewhat matte finish) to pretty things up. I guess it really depends on how in-frame the motor is, and how much you're willing to dismantle it in order to paint up the parts.

    Regardless, make sure whatever you paint is degreased - really well. Makes sense, right? Once the bulk of the yuck is off you can wipe the parts down with dry cleaning solution.

    Personally, I like to powder coat stuff. Means a full disassembly, though.

    If you really want to do it right, tear it down completely and have the the whole thing bead blasted and the black bits powder coated. Everything else is a temporary touch-up.

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