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Thread: Cleaning Black Plastic Below Windshield

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    Quote Originally Posted by MARKAZ View Post
    Where can one obtain this 303 magic elixir? Is it readily available at your FLAPS or home center?
    not really, I was able to get it off amazon tho..
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    +1 for 303 protectant
    Purchase at your local marine or rv supply
    West marine located through out the country sells gallon size containers, works equally well on plastic and rubber(not tires)

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    Quote Originally Posted by THEO View Post

    For years, I've used 303 Aerospace Protectant for all my vehicles' black trim. I also use it for the kayaks and other plastics that benefit from UV protection. It is the UV that is the major contributor to the graying of the black plastic bits.

    I also use Griots SpeedShine on top of the 303 if I want a slight bit of a sheen.

    I agree, 303 is the best product. Check your local ACE Hardware, they are all independent, but a lot of them carry it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IDisposable View Post
    And this is why I always clean bugs off my plastics with creamy peanut butter.
    Peanut oil does work for a while, but does not protect the surface. You can by peanut oil sans the butter. The last time I used it was on the black trim of my old 87 Civic Si. I went inside to take a phone call and when I came out, the dog was licking the bumper rub strip!

    CAUTION: Use care with peanut oil when riding in heavily dog-populated areas!

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    A p 303

    I use 303 on the nylon wings of my ultralight aircraft, works great, it also looks, feels, smells and tastes just like armor all, it costs 3 times as much.


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    Quote Originally Posted by THEO View Post
    CAUTION: Use care with peanut oil when riding in heavily dog-populated areas!
    Funny story.

    I had heard that clear peanut oil worked great for cleaning and dressing black plastic, but my wife already had some clear walnut oil so I tried it instead.

    I was dubious at first, but it worked perfectly at restoring the plastic and didn't leave a shiny film. And it's cheap.

    I had previously tried all sorts of plastic cleaning products including Armor All which were no help at all.

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