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Thread: Installing BMW Engine Bars

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    Installing BMW Engine Bars

    Has anyone installed the BMW bars on the GTL? It looks pretty easy to me. Someone at the dealership said I should let them do it because the bars attach to the engine block and a mistake in torquing could crack the block. He said, too tight will crack the block and too loose would cause the block to crack if the bike falls over.

    First, I have a torque wrench and know how to use it. Second, is the engine block really that delicate? I can see the possibility of stripping out the bolt hole, but cracking the engine block by not getting the torque exactly right? Really?

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    Better to assume talk was about grossly loose or grossly tight.

    Also better to assume this recommendation represents a warranty and have them write such on your invoice.
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    I decided to just do it myself. All done, perfectly torqued. Saved about $100 by self-installing. It amazes me that those 2 bent pieces of tubing costs around $300 - and it's not just BMW. It seems to be about the same no matter what you ride.

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    I put the set on my GT myself. Just followed included directions, and reamed out the bores with the appropriate tap. Then torqued it with a torque wrench, according to the directions. No problem at all. Just follow directions.

    I agree, they sure are pricey for what you get.
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    There's been a number of reported cases of where they did their job. There are also a number of cases of bikes dropped at very low speed without them that total'ed the bike with repair estimates north of $18,000. I put both the engine and side case guards on my GT and consider it money well spent.

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    Just installed on my GT. Another added feature is that you can now put highway pegs on if you want. May consider them but so far, I'm very comfortable with the regular pegs. I don't do too many long trips with my bike. Maybe someday!
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    Engine Guards and a 2013 K1600 GT

    Mine engine guards had to be special ordered and took what seemed forever to come in. My bike was an early order 2012 and took delivery on November 14, 2011. Typical for BMW accessories on new models ... slow to come in. Pricey yes but worth every $. I know of a fellow who dropped a GTL at low speed and cracked the engine ... costing him thousands. My dealer installed them for me as I did not wish to be responsible for a failure arising from a "self install" and to be brutally candid and honest, I am lethal when any sort of tool is in my hand. The engine guards are solid as a rock and appear to be able to do the job in an unfortunate situation.

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