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Thread: Going to the rally - What to wear?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDOCKERY132445 View Post
    I feel your pain.

    I rode with my Belstaff for years for over 100,000 miles with NO problems. Then came Bloomsburg.

    I pulled out my plastic and bought the LD comfort shorts, short sleeved top and helmet liner. Then I waited around until the last minute on Saturday to make an offer on a Scorpion mesh hi-vis jacket. That paired with mesh pants did wonders at 119 [indicated] on my way from the rally to Philly to visit a friend.

    Now that is my preferred gear when the temps go past 90; which they do here quite often.
    Thanks, Jerry. Appreciate the input. Hit me up for a shot of that 15 year old Glenfiddich in my saddlebag when we meet.

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    I ride an 07' GT and just rec'd some new mesh.. I do wear LDC.. thinking based on recent rides that between the armor in the jacket and pants, fairing and stock screen enough airflow is blocked to stick with the mesh. I've read the IBA article on covering up and NO mesh with LD Comfort gear, on local rides in heat I am finding not as much airflow as I expected. Paul I like your take on a fully faired bike, but this will be my first 1,000 mile ride... perhaps the stretch kevlar jacket should go to?
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    mesh or no

    Rode some last week in the 102 to 106 heat and cannot imagine not having mesh. Was wearing bmw air ii pants- Olympic bushwhacker mesh jacket and multitech helmet. Riding was not a problem could stick a knee or elbow out to catch more air and when stopped raising the visor or whole front made big difference in comfort level.

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    I go with the mesh, Firstgear. LD shorts and a wal*mart under armor knock off t shirt. The synthetic underwear & the mesh work well together. If it would get cold, the Frog Tog (probably any rainsuit) will cut the breeze pretty well as needed with little or no addition to the load on the bike.

    I also make a serious effort to hydrate myself. I use a Camelback knock off that I got at Costco & sip constantly. Dehydration like many things will creep up on you, once dehydrated your judgement & coordination suffer. it is a slow process to reverse the results.

    Evaporation of perspiration cools you, The mesh & the synthetics let the evaporation take place efficiently & then you must refill your body with the liquids to keep the process going.

    One hot day I spent a good bit of time in the "beer cave" at a gas & go type place drinking my bottle of water, not the beer. I think I had an icicle on my nose when I left but it felt sooo good and it sure did refresh me..

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    I ride an RT and can't imagine wearing anything other than mesh in this heat. I wear an Olympia Bushwacker jacket (in grey) and RevIt Hurricane pants. I wear synthetic, quick-dry undergarments and shirt and what wind I get just whistles right through everything. A beaded seat cover really helps too as it keeps air flowing under my butt. I also carry a Patagonia Guide Jacket and similar pants for when it's a bit cooler. These garments add a bit of warmth, but more importantly they block the wind - important when wearing them under the mesh. And as a previous poster mentioned, there's always the rain suit to employ if it gets even colder.

    I remember before the mesh having to put up with the heat wearing a Roadcrafter. Won't ever do that again as there is nothing worse than having a nearly non-breathable layer stuck to your body for hours at a time. Maybe if the lining in them wasn't that taffeta material ...

    And, of course, staying hydrated is really, really important too. I carry a water bladder with hose (a Platypus knock-off) in the glove compartment and can drink as I ride along.
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    maybe this would work

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    Quote Originally Posted by MIAirhead View Post
    Fashionable and unique
    Fur, not after Memorial Day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glenfiddich View Post
    Thanks, Jerry. Appreciate the input. Hit me up for a shot of that 15 year old Glenfiddich in my saddlebag when we meet.

    Jeeze, he carries gold on the bike. No wonder Barley is always wagging his tail.
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    stay cool

    I agree with jayhawk, a thong will keep you cool, but you may have a few odd looks at your choice of attire. On your ride in the kind of heat that will greet you, padded bicycle shorts under protected armour pants (no jeans) with a micro fiber shirt will do you well.
    Another tip that I haven't read here tha I do. Buy a camel back and fill it with ice and water and wear it under your mesh riding jacket. It keeps your back cool and a cold drink of water when riding down the road in 100 plus degree day is soooo refreshing. It's better than keeping it in a tank bag,takes up less room, and it will help keep your body temperature cooler. It works for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PeoriaMac View Post
    Dressing for the occasion is kind of a personal question....
    Mac-when did you get new boots?Ed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Layton View Post
    Something that don't make my butt look fat!
    If you find such a thing, i want to how well it works, is it comfortable, and do they have one in my size "large ogre"
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    Draggin Jeans or Aerostitch Bib Pants?

    Which do you think will be cooler?

    I plan to buy mesh pants at the rally.

    Leaning towards the Draggin's as less bulky but with Aerostitch, can wear shorts under and take off to cool down on breaks.


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    Midwest Heat..

    It might not be quite as hot as Bloomsburg. But the forecast is nearing the mid to upper 90's,,,,along with midwestern humidity‘«™Sounds like they'll be selling lot's of beer once again‘«™Safe riding to all‘«™.

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    Are you sure?

    Quote Originally Posted by phoenixrdr View Post
    It might not be quite as hot as Bloomsburg. But the forecast is nearing the mid to upper 90's,,,,along with midwestern humidity‘«™Sounds like they'll be selling lot's of beer once again‘«™Safe riding to all‘«™.
    Go to and type in Sedalia, Mo......I just shows 108 degrees for this coming Friday with 50% change of thunderstorms

    The rain should cool it down some...

    So, back to the question.....I think a swim suit and an umbrella is in order....

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