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Thread: Route from the East --

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    Route from the East --

    I'll be coming from Virginia across I-64.

    When I get to St. Louis -- assuming I survive the passage through East St. Louis (I'll save the interesting tale of driving through ESL on a Sunday morning with my LT's final drive making LOUD, bumpy noises!) -- I have the choice of picking up I-70 and going over the north side of St. Louis, or staying on I-64 and going pretty much straight through the city until 64 turns into Rt. 40 and then meets I-70 near Wentzville.

    Looking for advice as to whether to immediately pick up I-70 or go straight on I-64.

    Mark Neblett
    Fairfax, VA

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    I've gone through St. Louis numerous times. I plan to go north of the city on I-270. If I run into construction or other traffic problems on that route, I can get off at any exit, go north and take state and county roads to keep moving.

    I have had some very easy trips THROUGH St. Louis, and have sat for hours with no way to escape. I do not know the city routes well enough to feel comfortable on
    "surface" streets.

    If you are coming on I-64, you can avoid the worst of things by taking I-255 south to I-270 and then continue west on your choice of routes...including US 50.

    I will probably be sick of the interstate after I get through St. Louis and get off at Warrenton, MO and finish the trip on state and federal roads.

    Hope that helps.
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    Holy Mackeral, are you sure you even want to go? Temp today in Sedalia MO was a sizzling 104 with 26 percent humidity!

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