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Thread: 1150GS seat height

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    1 Change the shocks out (expensive)
    2 Buy a lower seat (expensive and you suffer on long rides)
    3 Build some height in your boots. A cobbler can add 3/4 of an inch of sole on BMW type boots and (or) you can buy oversized boots and add some inserts in them until the boot fits your foot well. This can add another half inch.

    Lowering the bike with shorter shocks can render your center stand inoperable and make you afraid to use your side-stand on a windy day. Some people have had to spend 300 dollars to lower their stands.

    The best advice I have is to buy a stock bike that fits you from the start.

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    If you ever rode very tall off road bikes you learn the very simple concept that one flat foot on the ground is better than two sets of tippy toes. Just slide that left cheek off the side of the seat and you're good to go, or stop might be more what you're after.

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    You can lower your 1150 very inexpensively by changing out the shocks with an 1150RT front and rear. Then you sell the 1150 GS shocks.

    The 1150 GS kickstand is inherently too short, so no need to modify it.

    If you are interested in a set of 1150RT shocks and/or an after market lifting handle let me know. Jon

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    Quote Originally Posted by m_stock10506 View Post
    Sell the Russell seat and get a seat with a narrower profile. If your legs don't straddle a wide seat they can extend down to the ground easier.
    THIS is your best first option!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    lowering the bike itself upsets the steering geometry and ground clearance, both things you would probably like to avoid doing. lowering the adjustment at the rear shock (preload setting) may do bad things to your sag settings, also unwanted.
    Unlike the Russell (or Corbin), Rick Mayer's saddles are built to you, and he goes with a pretty narrow profile at the nose, which makes reaching the ground easier than on a stock saddle.
    Ride Safe, Ride Lots

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    Frankenstein boots.......

    at 5'6 / 29" inseam, 65% of ALL bikes have always been "off limits" to me...well, not wanting to again return to my previous HD low-seat / no suspension travel days, and having just purchased a mint 1999 R1100R, I took my SIDI riding boots to an old-timey cobbler and had him sand off the original boot tread / glue on a very thick VIBRAM sole. YIKES !!.. Instant 1 1/2 inch hight / Frankenstein boots.!...NICE !!.For sure I'll never be as comfortable as I would be were I an NBA star, but along with some saddle time, and thinking ahead as you ride into a parking lot, I am confident enough to not be returning to the undesireable alternatives to my R1100R..........
    The amazing front suspension is one reason to not mess with the factory hights, so go for a pair of Monster Boots !! cheap at the price..

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