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Thread: Got my seat right now.

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    Got my seat right now.

    I had tried beads, extra cushions, Alaskin sheepskin on my 1150 GSA but it was still very painful to go very far. Luckily i got in on a group buy last winter for a Russel Day Long. The difference is like night to day better\great. The wife and i have been putting on some miles in this 100 plus temps and when we got back one day i got to thinking about some of the gear left over from the seat up grade. I had took back the beads to Wal Mart but i still had the sheep skin. Put it on the Russell and it fit the seat just fine. Now i am even happier with my seat. Anything to help in that spot is huge for me.

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    glad you found comfort! I find the new R1200R comfort seat to be actually comfortable so I guess I'm just gonna hang on to it for now... I had heard for 2011 they revamped the seats, not sure if that's for all models or just the R..
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    My 04 R1150RT's seat was painful after 250 miles. I got in on a Russell Day Long group buy too and it's been the best thing I've ever added to a bike for comfort. The Butt is no longer an issue. Then I went crazy and added a set of bar backs. This is the most comfortable bike I've ever ridden.

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    Saddle man?

    Does anyone have any experience with the Saddleman seats for the GS? I just saw the article in the ON for this company and wonder if anyone has used the products.

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