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Thread: Safety clutch switch on r1200gs

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    Safety clutch switch on r1200gs

    On my 2006 gs I sometimes cannot start it in first gear with the clutch depressed. Is it the safety switch or could it be the battery holding a low charge? Thanks

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    It could be the switch. On my '05 the switch was adjusted such that I had to pull the clutch all the way to the bar. The clutch was disengaged long before the switch would change state. Before I realized what was going on I wound up replacing a battery.

    Short story: a GS-911 will tell you if/when the switch is activated. has the complete story.

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    My '06 RT will not start in gear if I pull the clutch lever before turning the ignition on. If I then release, then squeeze the lever again it will start.
    I try to remember to turn the ignition on before pulling the lever.
    Maybe this is a safety feature to ensure we have BOTH hands on the handlebars when starting in gear?


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