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Thread: Seats....again.

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    Anyone here familiar with Touratech / Kahedo seats? The site sales pitch, makes all sorts of comfort promise...[don't they all?] Prices are about inline with many others, yet they claim theirs is a "high-end" seat.

    So,......thought I'd ask?

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    Have a Kahedo tail bag and it's quality stuff. I'd expect seats to be the same, but this of course isn't the same as "comfortable" and I wouldn't know.
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    My high end doesn't sit on the seat.
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    I have the Touratech LDC "High" seat on my '12 GS/A. I've had it for around 6 weeks and put right around 8,000 miles on it. It's far firmer than stock, so you're not pounding into the seat pan. The shape is better too, but I still run it hi/lo to keep from mounting the tank every time I slow the bike down. It's got a nice non-slip material on the seating area too. The passenger seat is contoured far, far better than stock. The wife rode from Maryland to Colorado and back in 11 days on that seat (5,400 miles) with zero complaints.

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