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Thread: Calling all GS women!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clowry View Post
    I know there were a couple of different people taking pictures of our event. Are there any more coming? I'd like to see some from the road!
    i would have loved to shoot some during the ride, but i, um (kicks dirt with toe) am a guy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Visian View Post
    i would have loved to shoot some during the ride, but i, um (kicks dirt with toe) am a guy.
    Actually, it was a couple of guys taking the pictures. There was one taking pictures during the field training, and another out on the road course.

    If I do it again, maybe I should bring the GoPro!

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    Hi Cheryl
    You are correct vision and my husband were taking pictures at the training. My husband took videos at two points on the gravel road. He was the only guy I trusted to take the pictures and then scram! when he gets back we are doing some editing and going to make a slide show show, including the videos, that will be emailed to all of you! This may take several weeks.

    Background on why women only

    A number of men including Bill, the instructor with Liz, wanted to go out for the ride. They were so excited this was happening and wanted to be a part of it...even if just lurking,but they were all told no!
    Part of the ride was about doing it ourselves. That if any one went down...or got nervous Etc it was women that got them thru it. Why?...As I learned how to ride off road I depended solely on my husband to guide me and get me out of trouble. this was great and I was lucky...but what if I didn't have this..or what if I wanted a girls day...but not shopping...riding!
    As we have expanded our riding group I now have women coaching me...are you keeping your head up...Stay in the friction zone...what kind of knobbies do you have...I'll help you pick up your bike. This is the experience I wanted all of us to have! It changed a lot about my riding.
    Just thought I would share the background for anyone who might be joining the conversation and not understand the multi purpose behind the women's only ride.

    Ride On !!!

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    The start of something fun!

    We all owe you, Liz and Bill a BIG thank you for making this opportunity possible!

    That one morning was my first intentional experience off pavement and my first experience standing while riding. In 15 years of riding, I had never done either of those things. I know I still have lots to learn and will only head out with a partner for a while. I will also be looking into the class at RPU.

    After the rally, we headed west for the UnRally gathering in Colorado. A friend joined me to ride Phantom Canyon and it was terrific! I went down twice and banged up my ankle quite a bit, but finished the ride to lunch and then back to Salida. After X-rays and 2 days of ice for me and a bit of repair for my Jesse bags, I rode back home to Michigan. It will probably be a while before I get to head off pavement again to allow for healing, but I did it and I'm really okay. My head has long told me that I can handle all types of challenges. Now, my heart knows it. That's big!

    Thank you for inspiring me and the other women in the class to learn something new!

    Susan Stevens
    2011 BMW F658GS

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    How extreme is the gravel road?
    Bye bye 2006 F650 GS for a 2011 F650 GS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bmwgsrider View Post
    How extreme is the gravel road?
    Totally non-extreme. This is a ride that will not make you uncomfortable in any way.

    Women riders looking for more challenge will have plenty to choose from with all of the other options in the event.


    ps => there is a bit more discussion about the ride over in the Women of the MOA forum.

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