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Thread: Ilium Highway Pegs, Tupperware Removal '09 R1200RT

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    Follow-up on highway pegs...

    I rode about 400 miles the other day and tried out the pegs. They are somewhat uncomfortable as the side fairings (A.K.A. "tupperware") dig into your thighs. I have long legs, so it wasn't too bad but it isn't anything like stetching out on a cruiser. That being said, it was nice to have them to stretch my legs for three or four minutes at a time. I recommend them.

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    The only problems I had were the spark plug things that screw into the exhaust were in the way and I couldn't completely remove the brake side fairing. The spark plug things weren't a big deal. I just unscrewed them, installed the mount, then screwed them back in. Does anyone know what the hell those things are or what they do?
    Exhaust gas oxygen sensors -- part of the engine controller's closed-loop management of fuel mixture.
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