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Thread: Ilium Highway Pegs, Tupperware Removal '09 R1200RT

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    Ilium Highway Pegs, Tupperware Removal '09 R1200RT

    I know this has been asked 1,000 times already, so at the risk of offending everyone here we go. I have been researching different highway pegs for my 2009 R1200RT. I think I have settled on the Ilium pegs. Do I really need to remove all the tupperware to install the pegs? Can I remove the lower, silver engine fairing by simply removing the 6 screws or is it a part of main fairing? I've read that some have removed the bottom 3 or 4 screws and simply "shoehorned" the tupperware, but I have seen what that stuff costs and I don't want to break anything. Yes, I have read that removing all the tupperware is some right of passage when owning a BMW, I'd just rather not perform that right at this time. That being said, if I must, I will. I'd rather do it myself than pay a wrench turner $90+ for the honor.

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    I have nothing against wrench turners, I've just always prefered to do things myself unless it is absolutely impractical.

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    I was reluctant to remove mine too but took the plunge 1 rainy day. I used a YouTube video from I believe max BMW and had quite the feeling of accomplishment when I finished. Go for it.
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    I don‘«÷t think you can get the silver lower body panels off without removing the fuel tank covers, since they are attached to each other , and I don‘«÷t think you can remove those until you‘«÷ve removed the tank bag mount and side panel. At any rate, you'll find it much easier, faster and safer for your bike to just peal away the body panels. You‘«÷ll find good instructions on this forum, and also watch the Max BMW youtube video on body panel removal.

    FYI I‘«÷m also going to install the Ilum pegs on my ‘«ˇ09RT but when I called they said they‘«÷re on back order.


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    Removal and replacement of the tupperware on an R1200RT is not that difficult. If you follow the instructions from the tech article on this site or use the Max BMW video, you will be fine and will marvel at your tech skills afterward. I'm a 90 lb mechanical moron weakling, but felt like a technological giant who will never let my RT kick sand in my face at the beach again after completing this.....go ahead give it a try!

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    You don't have to remove the body panels to install the Illium pegs. You can loosen the bottoms at the front [the bigger torx] and back and you can carefully slip the mounts in. The real bitch is the right side rear mount. Seems almost nothing fits in the space you have without removing the body panel - but it can be done.

    Installing mine took something like a half hour - no BMW tupperwares were removed or died during that time.
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    Link to Semper Fi's RT Plastic Removal

    Find it here:

    Great explanation, detailed photos. Makes the job easy. Once the plastic is off, you get a chance to look at all the important stuff on the bike.
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    it can be done without removing the tupperware but it is likely much more difficult than if you have the free access with the panels off. It really is not difficult at all to remove the tupperware and it only takes about 15 minutes taking your time. Just don't lose any screws.

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