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Thread: '05 R1200RT Windshield

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    '05 R1200RT Windshield

    My name is AJ and this is my first year as BWM owner and I love my 2005 R1200RT, but I have a problem with it that surprises me greatly. I've never shied away from riding in the rain, but on the RT I have a problem, in the rain or in the early morning the rain or water slides up the windshield off the edge onto my face shield. I don't like riding with windshield at it maximum height I want to see over the windscreen.
    Any suggestions?

    Need to share this, went to the local BMW looking for a solution and was told by a sales person, "RT owners don't ride in the rain"

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    Change Windscreens

    I use a Cee Baileys windscreen on my 06 RT and love it. Never raise it above "eye level". In the rain it sends the drops over my face shield. I'm 5' 11'' with 32" inseam. I am sure there are other windscreen options that will solve your rain issues. RT riders DO ride in the rain.

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    add another vote for the Cee Bailys windscreen. I ride a 2010 RT and keep it well below eye level and the rain just flows over my head! Love it!

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    I have a Aeroflow for winter and a Cee Bailey for summer on my 05 RT, love them both.

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    I also put a C Bailey on my 05 RT for better wind protection. I don't recall the rain issue with the OEM, but it's been years since I used the OEM screen.

    RT owners don't ride in the rain? Please. RT owners, and BMW riders in general, ride in all conditions including snow. I ride in the south, and if you don't ride in rain, you don't ride period.
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    Cee Bailey!!!

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    I have a Ztechnik V-stream for cold weather and a Cee Baileys Sport Shield Dark Tint for hwarm weather, both work in the rain, but the Ztechnik is much larger
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    RT owners don't ride in the rain... hahahaha

    Anyway, I also have a V-Stream and in absolute downpours it keeps me dry. It really works well but I can't stand the look of it and am going to try some alternatives. Then again, I did seven hours through PA last autumn in a downpour and the stock shield did a good job.

    One other nice thing about the V-Stream is that I can easily listen to the radio while doing 90MPH. With the stock shield I could barely hear the radio at anything over about 50.
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    How am I suppose to wash my bike if i never ride in the rain?

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    I've got the Cal-Sci screen, and like the Cee Bailey folks, I don't seem to have an issue with it. I get the ODD drop hitting the helmet shield, but not a big issue. The Aeroflow worked good in the rain as well but I switched to Cal-Sci.

    I'm with _RockZ_, rain helps keep the bike clean(ish).
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    The addition of a Laminar Lip may solve your problem. Check out their website. I don't have one on my R12RT but used one on my previous ST1300. It kicks the airflow up and reduces noise and buffeting. And for around $80 it's a good investment, IMHO. Doesn't look great, tho.


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