I had to replace the quick disconnect fuel line due to a leak on the male coupling. I am replacing that one but there is supposed to be another connector that will eventually fail. The one I am replacing is on the right side, accessible from the opening in the fairing. Anybody know where the other connector is located?

Also, at $36 bucks a piece is there a better way to go?

Here is a bullatin I found regarding the issue:

2002 bmw k1200rs motorcycle fuel line quick disconnect coupling failed while in use causing fuel under high pressure to leak out onto hot engine & rider's right leg, risking fire, crash and serious injury or possible death. owner at own expense and time replaced all four couplings and clamps, two male and two female. old parts are available. *tr

Found here: http://www.faqs.org/car/bmw-k1200rs-...vestigations_0