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Thread: Route Suggestions, Ohio to Missouri, BMWMOA Rally

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    Route Suggestions, Ohio to Missouri, BMWMOA Rally

    Hey All,

    Going to Sedalia, Missouri for the BMW Rally in a couple of weeks. Anybody have suggestions for a more scenic route from Central Ohio to the rally? Would like to stay mainly on 2 lane, possibly 4 lane highways, no interstates. Wouldn't mind having to get on the interstate for periods of time to get from one scenic section to another.


    Chris McCarthy

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    Sedalia is right on US50. It's not a bad route thru Indiana, IL and Missouri.

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    If I had the time, my route would be to follow the Ohio River to the Mississippi River. From there cut through the Ozarks to Sedalia.

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    I did US50 across there last year coming home to CA from PA Rally last year. It was delightful riding, most all of it. I rode the Ohio River too, most all of it going East to the rally in PA. Really nice stuff there. The history is HUGE along the Ohio River, even finding where George Washington, as a Surveyor crossed it. Its up North, near WheelingWVA/Ohio area. Enjoyed that ride a lot. Randy at its best!

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