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Thanks for the reply, sorry to hear about your bad knee, 95 in the rain -- let us know when you get back.
I do try to avoid I-95, took US1/ME3 for the first 100 miles from Bar Harbor to Augusta. Home at noon, rode through 200 miles of heavy rain that's now over NS. Hope everyone has good rain gear. Mine held up pretty well, but I junked the pinlock for the facesheild. It's just two more surfaces for water to collect on.

Rain story: Last night, getting close to running out of gas, stopped at no-name gas and general store in Amherst, ME. Three separate guys got out of their pickups one after another and said:

"Man, you're gonna get wet."
"I've got gear for it."
"That's like those BMW riders, they just keep going."
"Yeah, this is my Vstrom, and there's a BMW in the driveway too, but any kind of rider on the road for several days is prepared for it. "

Then another guy came in while I was paying for gas and told me I was riding right into it. Laughed -- told them all to have a good night.