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Thread: coffee brewing

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    If I drank coffee...

    before I decided on a method, I'd make sure I liked that method of coffee brewing. My wife likes good coffee and buys it from a small batch roaster, but only likes Melita-style drip and neither likes French press nor espresso. Any on the road brew type can be tried pretty easily at a coffee house or a friends place before you shell out the shekels for an on-the-road system. Pour-over, French Press, perk, Moka-type psudo espresso, manual espresso, etc. are all available in camping form. Brew what works for you.

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    I carry a small cook kit with a couple of pots. I used to carry a coffee pot too. Now I just carry a Mr. Coffee brand filter basket that fits their makers in-lieu of paper filters. Heat water in pot. Pour through the filter basket into the other pot. It all nests together so the coffee basket takes zero space and weight is negligible.

    As for those tea bag like things - I never did like instant coffee. I read the fine print. It said coffee and soluble coffee crystals on one brand and micro-ground coffee and dried coffee crystals on another. No thanks. It is instant coffee with a few grounds to fool you.
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    I uses Starbucks Via under my lip when I do not have water
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    + on AeroPress

    We have 3 of them.

    Will use the one on the boat the next two weeks while sailing on Lake Huron in Canada.
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    Heres my setup for making coffee, I use a MSR Mugmate. It makes good coffee, its fast, and it stores in the mug so it takes up zero space. But then, I only drink coffee in the morning, and then its more about quantity then quality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wkottd View Post
    Heres my setup for making coffee, I use a MSR Mugmate. It makes good coffee, its fast, and it stores in the mug so it takes up zero space. But then, I only drink coffee in the morning, and then its more about quantity then quality.

    Agree with you about the morning Joe fix - not so much about the quantity, though. Use better coffee in the first place.

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    We also drink a bit of tea in this household and your strainer is actually made by a company called Teeli in the Netherlands and is intended as a tea brewing basket, not coffee. Water needs to pass quickly through ground coffee to make better coffee, otherwise you extract a lot more oils and other heart-unhealthy substances. Tea is meant to steep 4-5 minutes to extract flavors and tannins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 175781 View Post
    Delicious coffee that rivals my espresso machine at home:

    Ground coffee
    Sealable bottle (I recommend Nalgene)
    Metal cup or small pot for boiling water, or a source of boiling water

    Pour boiling water into a couple of inches of grounds, contained in your nalgene bottle. Cap and swirl or shake. Open and add a dash of cold water. The dash of cold water makes the grounds settle and form a firm puck in the bottom of the nalgene. Wait 5 minutes and enjoy. Grounds stay at bottom.

    Starbucks via has all but replaced this. Nowhere near as good, but via is easier to deal with, and if you're a caffiene addict like me, can be used in room temp bottled water as necessary.
    I tried the above mentioned method. I could not get the grounds to settle even after the splash of water. I may try the Via instant for now at least until I have more time for sorting out.
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    I think I omitted letting the brewed coffee sit for a couple of minutes. And the dash of water has to be cool or cold. Never failed for me, so I must have left some part of the routine out.
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    Odd... only one person mentioned it. I assume you bring some sort of heater (I have a JB). Maxwell House makes coffee "tea" bags. Nothing packs easier and smaller that isn't "instant" and I just don't care for it. Two bags and a full JB, let them steep for 7 or 8 minutes (longer for stronger) and it makes a great cup of coffee. Sure, it ain't french press but there is a lot less work and a lot less paraphernalia and no clean up. My wife and I can brew a "pot" and each have a full cup.
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    Cool Fillable tea bags

    I'm a bit late on this thread, but just read it. I roast my own coffee and use the Aeropress at home. However, I purchased a quantity of "Fill your own" tea bags via ebay from China. I got five hundred of them. It takes a bit of prep as you measure your amount of coffee, place it in a bag, and iron the flap shut. Place the bags in a zip lock container and simply make coffee like you would tea. Voila! A simple coffee bag that is easily disposed of after use and you use your favorite coffee. I am not a Fourbucks, I mean Starbucks fan. They burn their coffee. Of course, most bikers I know would drink motor oil.

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