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Thread: ROADCRAFTER LIGHT feedback ?

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    ROADCRAFTER LIGHT feedback ?

    Looking for some feedback from those who have or have used the RC Light .
    I had the standard RC a few years ago but sold it because it was too bulky , hot and leaked in the rain. I ride a R1200RT.

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    I hear;

    The new suits are not the leakers anymore, as the ads show many upgrades in zippers and other spots in suit. I have not owned one, but red up all the time on the subject. I get the Aerostitch news at home frequently. I shop there. I guess they have two new suits, Light and Ultra Light. The materials gets much thinner. I LIKE that new all black/ stealth suit. Randy

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    Rc lt

    I've got many miles / years on the std RC suit. After last years Hot Bloomsburg ralley, bought the Lite.

    It IS much cooler. Ride from April to Sept here in N VA in the LT. Need a wind breaker liner when in the low 60's or less. (Oct to March in the recently rebuilt STD suit.)

    Zippers much better than the old ones with rubber covered zipper tape. Velcro adjustable pads are also great to properly position them.

    From their recent ads, they seem to have added all the new items across the board.
    Ken E.
    2012 R1200RT
    '09 RT, '93 K75, '69 R60US and others long gone....

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    bump. looking for more feedback.

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