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Thread: c650GT when?

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    c650GT when?

    When will this thing be available in the US?

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    You mean the new BMW scooters? Official US dealer launch is Oct of this year. Should be at some US dealers by Nov or Dec of this year.
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    can't wait!

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    Saw 2 in europe 2 weeks ago. Looked nice.
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    BMW says the first scooters will be delivered to European customers in July (see news here). They're still saying fall 2012 for the US and other overseas markets but that's vague enough I wouldn't be surprised if it got pushed into winter or later.
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    C650 scooter

    Well I read the French post about the July 14th kickoff. No telling when we will see them in the US. What grits my teeth is they keep dancing around the final drive failure of the o-ring chain running in oil. Really hi-tech. They shut down production but nobody is saying what they have done about the problem. They could go with a pulley and belt. It would have been too simple to just copy the Burgman system that actually works. I also hope that,as reported, the suspension is premium which is what I am looking for. The Burgmans don't have it,IMO.

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    After 5 years

    with a Burgman, anyone hoping to build a better bike really has their work cut out for them. More reliable than an anvil too. A superb product in every way.

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    Friend of mine does LD rides on a Silverwing. He said that the burgmans are a bitch to work on. Also the BMW has TPM and a heated seat. If it only had TC it would be perfect.

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    They had both styles at the IMS show in NY this past January. Real nice scooters for sure with a pretty good amount of storage. Felt pretty comfy too and didn't seem as heavy as a 650 Bergman. Look forward for a test ride.

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    seat height?

    I was looking at the BMW Motorrad UK page for the C650GT. It lists the seat height as 795mm (31.3"). I had heard a seat height of 780mm (IE in this article:

    Is it ridiculous to think that the seat height for the american version might be lower than the european version?


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    Drive question?

    I was just going to ask its drive train! Saw it here, so I guess its a chain in oil bath? That seems decades old an idea! I would have thought the belt drive would be far superior. Unless they've done a remarkable job sealing that oil bath housing, its a nightmare of leaks forthcoming. Sure looks nice, this new scooter and has my interest. I sure hope its a 70mpg rig, or thereabouts. IF hat thing doesn't perform in that category(mpg's) its junk,imo....Randy

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    Seen the Aprilia SRV800? The box that it ticks for me is having Traction Control.

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