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    On Saturday morning we were on a deserted 2 lane road coming out of Gunnison Canyon, Colorado and what do we spy coming toward us, but cattle as far as we can see, coming down the road toward us. We pulled to the shoulder and sat on our bikes for about 1/2 hour while this 2 mile long 4-5 abreast cattle drive bumps and brays its way past us. (the moms and calves seemed upset by our presence, but the young bulls looked us over to see if we wanted to fight). There were authentic cowboys riding herd on this rabble...pretty cool.

    And when the last cow had finally passed and we started back up., I busted out laughing...I have never seen a road that was more defiled; despoiled; besmerched. It was a wreck... Most of the cows seemed to have had lime green diarrhea,...non stop; and their bladders looked like they held 5 gallons each, but we slipped and spun for miles...Bikes looked pretty 'original' too.
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    Yes. That is a result of the anti-biotics, steroids, and other chemical combinations that they give them. Not to mention the various diseases they carry, hoof and mouth, anthrax. mad cow disease, who knows what else.
    I am tempted to say I only believe in alleged cattle if I see a photo of them, but with your description of the road I am glad there were no photos here.

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    We get same cattle drives in the Sierra Nevada Range in CA.. If you happen to come across the event, its interesting to watch. You have no choice! They seem to get excited in drives, therefore the messy roadways, more than norm. My horses same way, they get nervous and expect some mess! That Gunnison area is sooooo nice riding. Just last year, I came through there and again in two weeks if I am blessed with good health. Randy

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    Steve, That's great! Well, at least there will be a fine memory for a long time! I've been unnerved by the bulls, wondering if they were wondering, if they should charge. Any pics? What road? I know they have cattle drives between Gunny and Crested Butte on CO 135. Occasionally I will be toolin along on a road and come across the remnants of a drive, just as you describe, but at least is is dried.

    Ride NW Colorado in October, especially in the Meeker area, and there is a good chance you will come across a massive sheep drive. This one from a video screen capture was huge...

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    Talking Keep Them Doggies Rollin'...

    In the 1999 we took our kids on a March spring break ski trip to Monarch and Crested Butte ski areas. On our way to Crested Butte we experienced a similar cattle drive. We thought "Way Cool!" Then again wife and I grew up watching the Lone Ranger every Saturday AM and Raw Hide in prime time.
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