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    2012 1600gt

    My RT is in for service and my dealer has generously allowed me to borrow a brand new (2929 km on the odometer) GT.
    So far I have ridden it about 110 km (70 miles to you, eh).
    This bike is awe inspiring to put it mildly. It's just getting dark and I intend to suit up again and go see what the headlamp is all about on a dark road. Should be interesting.

    I just had a look through the manuals for the GT and the GTL and couldn't find anything that covers the stereo. Not that it's a huge issue for me to listen to tunes at 180 kph but tomorrow, when I return this beast and pick up my RT, I might want to listen to some Judas Priest ("You've Got Another Thing Coming" springs to mind).
    A little help with the stereo controls would be appreciated.

    If history repeats itself, I'll be signing the paper work for a new GT in about 14 hours.

    -Thanks a lot.
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