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Thread: Welding a kickstand

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    Welding a kickstand

    I have a question related to my latest garage incident. 2007 GT question. The only two times I have dumped my bike is in my own darn garage! I need to weld my center stand but unsure if it's safe to weld it while mounted to the bike with battery terminals off, or should I remove it? the centerstand foot leverage pipe/tube literally snapped in half while I was pressing down with my foot on it . When it snapped, I lost balance,,and the bke sank, with my assistance, to the ground on the starboard side. No damage other than my pride.

    Anybody have an idea?

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    If it were my bike I would remove the centerstand from the bike if we are talking electric welding rather than gas welding. The problem is the probability that the high voltage transients can damage the electronic/computer components of the bike. Disconnecting the battery ground does not disconnect the ground connections of these components to the chassis.

    On older bikes with one or two electronic components it might be easier to remove them than the centerstand but not on newer bikes. One school of thought is that if the welder ground clamp is very close to the weld point it is safe. I still wouldn't risk it.
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    While it might be a PITA...I'd remove it. 70% of welding is the prep/fit-up. With it off the bike it will be a lot easier to work on. When it's easier to work on the outcome is generally better. OM
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    On the GT there was an updated centerstand on the later models for the very reason you have experienced. I'd suggest talking to your dealer as it has been a secret warranty item and they may at least cover the parts if not the lavour. Failing that, then yes, remove it from the bike to weld, much easier to get a good prep and final weld and no chance of messing up sensitive electronics.
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    Recall Issue

    Definitely speak with your dealer. The center-stand on my 07 GT had to be replaced in Sturgis a couple of years ago and there was no hesitation, the dealer said this was an ongoing problem with the older GTs (and others I'm sure) and subject to an upgraded replacement.

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    I welded mine on the bike, no issues. I put a piece of solid stock on the inside and tacked it in place, then did a complete weld. Having it on the bike made it easier to make sure it was aligned properly.

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    I had this happen a week or so ago, there is a K bike forum I was posting info on.
    Dealer said they couldn't do warranty and suggested I call BMW. I did that and they called back a few days later with a message saying to the effect that although this failure "isn't expected", if it does happen out of warranty, we're sorry but can't help.
    Found a used one on eBay, the updated one off of a K1300GT I assume, for about $100 less than new. I paid about $165, new is more like $265.

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