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Thread: K12S Ride to Find Then/Now of Nederland

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    K12S Ride to Find Then/Now of Nederland

    Happened to have a few then/now images delivered by K bike this past week. Paused at Barker Reservoir above Boulder, Colorado. It was built just over 100 years ago by the city of Boulder as a storage and flood control project. Good thing reservoirs such as these were constructed throughout Colorado the past 50-100 years, for during lean snow and dry times (note the fires throughout Colorado at the moment), they capture and store water from bountiful moisture years, like just one year ago when floods were the problem!

    Looking east as construction continued and water started to fill the meadows... and cattle saw shrinking pasture land...

    The dam has been rebuilt since then...

    Looking west before there was a Barker Reservoir...

    Ehhh, a bit of a change....

    OK, the image above shows the historic mining town of Nederland in the distance, with the ski runs of Eldora up higher. Nederland was a consolidating kind of town, providing central services for the productive mines and now ghost towns up higher. Men from the Netherlands named it Nederland for the town was located on a somewhat small, but nevertheless flat piece of land reminding them of their European home. And how about this, a color "then" image from ~60 years ago...

    I had lunchtime chow down the street, and after some nice consumption strolled up the hill, turned around, strolled some more, framed things...

    And yes, what a sweet transportation device delivering the ride back in time!

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    Probably belongs in a different forum, even though you are riding a wedge. Probably one of the first 3 subforums here:
    Ride Reports, I would say......
    Cool pics, looks like quite an adventure you are on.
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    Yeah, I leave tales in "The Road" forums all the time. Occasionally I toss a K12 specific report in the Wedge forum here. Here's another one...

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    Frozen Dead Guy

    Do you know if that frozen dead guy is still in Nederland? I hear the townsfolk throw a party every year and call it "Frozen Dead Guy Daze".

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    Well, from what I can tell he's still there. I know annual festival continues!

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