"RIDE LIKE THEY ARE ALL OUT TO KILL YOU" If you dress like an outlaw, have loud pipes, and cut in close after tailgaiting, 0.02% actually will try to kill you (I got this statistic off the internet.) Other than than that, unless you have made some serious enemies, NO OTHER MOTORIST wants to kill you. The damage to their vehicle, all that time talking to cops, lawyer costs, etc. Well, you get the point. But we do face an increasing armada of folk who are DISTRACTED DRIVERS. (Drunk, drugged, talking on a cellphone or texting, working the nav system or stereo, the list is endless.) Don't get mad. Think of them like would gravel on your favorite curvy road - something to avoid. You see the signs of inattenion and take whatever action is necessary and safe, like dropping back or a quick pass. These type of drivers are simply a fact of life. I think you are better served by taking the emotion out of it.

"RIDE LIKE YOU ARE INVISIBLE" This slogan makes more sense, and yes, there are documented cases of people turning in front of emergency vehicles with sirens and flashing lights. But you can prevent MANY "I didn't see you" incidents by making yourself more visible. For myself, I use Skeene lights front and rear, wear a white helmet, try to position myself so oncoming traffic can see me, use the SMIDYS swerve when appropriate, and try to be aware that on rare occasions none of this will work.

It is very good to have your emergency braking skills well practiced when needed. It is even better to not have to need them.