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Thread: Montanan needs help with purchase in San Rafael

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    Montanan needs help with purchase in San Rafael

    Hello San Rafael!
    Anyone willing to help me out with a pre-purchase inspection?

    I am looking to try to buy a bike for sale in San Rafael. Seller does not want to ship and is not thrilled with a long distance sale. I was wondering if anyone would be willing to look the bike over for me and possibly assist (if I buy) by taking it to a bike shop where a shipper could pick it up?

    Advice on a good shop would be appreciated if it comes to that.

    One way tickets are fairly cheap. If I can clear the time a fly and ride might be possible, but help with a pre-purchase inspection would be HUGE.

    Any assistance or ideas is appreciated.
    jeffmpeaatqwestofficedotnet or 4 oh 6-37 oh-4275

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    San Rafael had a BMW Dealer, I think went out of business last year. Two 5 Star BMW Dealers in NCal are, Mountain View BMW(S.of SanFran about 30m) and Cycle Specialties BMW of Modesto,Ca.., about an hour East of S.Fran..A new one opened in Livermore,CA., same owner as Mountian View dealer. I bought all my beemers at the Modesto store. Good luck. I am too far to help out here. You should find help, as that area is BMW thick with owners. You may want to contact the NORCAL BMW Club for assistance, as its their backyard. Randy

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