It is obvious from some of the responses I've had in BMW Motor Cycle Owners of America that I am not "well received" yet another post from Ricoefamoso.

My dealer "fixed" my left hand signal flasher several weeks ago. Now ... my windshield will not power up or down unless I hit the button on the dash that opens the GPS mount ... to add insult to injury ... when I do just that ... I can only power the windshield down.

Imagine what this bitch is like when I am in a Florida rain storm?

Second issue ... the left side bag does no longer have a tension strap ... it broke for what ever reason. When I open it ... it drops fully down. The "fabric tension strap is gone".

True ... all of the bs is covered under warranty but ... it is an inconvenience to say the least.

Please ... think long and hard before purchasing a K1600 Gt. I just may have a LEMMON but ... I will go back to an RT in 2013.

I am over all of this.