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Thread: The Road to H---- is paved...

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    Angry The Road to H---- is paved...

    I know it's not wise to post when angry, but.......

    My very good friend decided that he wanted to take up motorcycling this spring. He bought a Kawasaki voyager (I know not a good first choice) and has spent countless hours working on it particularly with 20 years of prior owner problems. It is now ready to go and while not like new. it's as close as he could make it.

    I spoke with him about the need for training prior to going on the road, he was in complete agreement. He signed up for the MSF basic course at the Horry Tech college here in South Carolina. He was accepted and scheduled for the class in about three weeks. Lo and behold he was phoned shortly before the class & told it was cancelled. He asked as to when he would next be able to take the class & was told that he would get a refund & to apply later. When asked about the NEXT class, he was told that it was all filled & he would have to re-register at an as to yet to be determined later date if any. This was my same experience with the ERC at that school several years ago. I more easily tolerated this as obviously I was still riding regardless.

    My friend then suggested that we go riding and forget the class. I was able to convince him that the class would be greatly to his advantage & that I was totally opposed to his starting without taking the class. I bought him Mr Hough's book $25.00 ouch but well worth it. He read & enjoyed the book & bought a flip up helmet and a first-gear protective riding jacket.

    My friend then called Trident Tech College in Charleston & was able to register for a class this weekend. He warily asked as to the possibility of cancellation. He was told "we NEVER cancel these classes".... Work schedule for Friday cancelled $$$...

    Friday (yesterday) afternoon while stuck in traffic on Rt 526 in Charleston (85 miles from home) en route to the Friday PM session he gets a call that the class has been cancelled... It seems as though a construction crew drove pieces of rebar into the range surface with parts of the bars extending above the pavement obviously making the range unusable. The bars could have been pulled & replaced after the class, but this was not to happen. Once again re-scheduling appears to be weeks off if at all. From the sound of his good cheer this morning I doubt that he will ever darken the door of a Tech College or an MSF class again.

    As of this coming week we will begin basic motorcycle operation 101 just like it was done 40 years ago, go riding with a friend & hope to survive.

    I can't blame him for giving up I am really frustrated that the folks that run the colleges have so little regard for their students & thus with all of our good intentions it all goes for naught. I have heard that in this area few motorcyclists have taken the MSF classes, I had thought it was the "biker lifestyle" thing, now
    I can see other factors coming into play.

    And no I don't see any way to blame the MSF program. Apparently the Colleges look at this type of class and the students of same as beneath their dignity.

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    What a sad story. Trying to do the right thing by your friend only to have this happen.

    Hope that he will be able to find a class sometime. Even if he has ridden for a while. It will do him good.

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    While I wasn't there...perhaps these were not the best run and you will now have a chance to get some input on a "better run" course.
    I've been riding for a long time and would like to take a few courses as I think it would help. Before I sign up to spend my money, I like to audit the course (teacher) and when I don't, it is usually disappointing.
    Finding a teacher that understands how to get the information across in a way that is not bragging, snarky, demeaning, and suited to the student seems to becoming more rare. Some of the problems can be as simple as, if it a hi-priced course, bombarding the student with so much info, it can't be absorbed in an effort to justify the cost.
    In the mean time, you have done well to provide some reading material which will help your friend on a lot of the theory. Good luck, ride safe. OM
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    Sorry for your friends poor experiance. Here in PA, the state (well, we the riders, through hidden fees) pay for the MSF courses, so it is "free" for participants. I have taken the Advanced Rider Course 3 times and never has a bad experiance. The coaches all have been great and will take time for individuals who need extra help on a specific skill. I don't remember hearing of a class ever being cancelled, but I suppose it is possible.

    Glad you are able to spend some time helping your friend be a safer rider. Of course something light weight and low powered would be better for him to learn on, but you can only do so much. Wouldn't hurt to have him read some books on basic riding skills as well. Good luck!

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    Any recommndatios for good books? I'm signed up for a course but would like to get as much input as I can. Thanks...

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    Total Control, by Lee Parks

    Smooth Riding the Pridmore Way, by Reg Pridmore

    Sport Riding Techniques, by Nick Ienatsch

    While some of these may appear to be oriented to a more "sporting" rider, everything in them applies to safe street riding as well.

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