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Thread: Best AUX lighting for a R 1100 R?

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    Best AUX lighting for a R 1100 R?

    And how did you mount them.

    Pics please.
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    The best lighting for any "R", has to be the PIAA 1100X, in my opinion. They are pricey, but light up the night time well. I mounted mine at the bottom of the forks, removed a fender bolt and replaced with lights, and longer bolt. Keep and eye on Advrider website, I have got virtually all the farkles on my bike from there, sooner or later every single thing you may want to do will be for sale cheaper there than new.

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    I'm not sure about mounts for an R11R, but I can say that Hella makes some decent lights that won't break the bank. I put a set of Hella Optilux lights on my K1200rs. They did the trick by lighting up the road better than the stock halogen high beam.

    There are a number of LED options now that may be as good or better and may even come with a mounting solution. Look at this offering from Sanjoh on ADV Rider. It looks like a good solution and is priced right.

    If you're handy with tools, you could create a mount that fits the bike. This would probably be the best option since the Roadster hasn't been in production since 2001. When I had my R11R, I didn't add extra lights. However, I did swap the stock bars for tubular bars. The R1150R bars fit with a set of mounts from Suburban Machinery. It made the bike that much more comfortable.
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    I agree with the lights I found on ADVrider. That guy makes a great product. I have an R1100R and I bought the head guards from ZTechnik (?) and there is a hole in those which I mounted my lights onto.

    The inset photo here shows you where I mounted my LED running lights:

    I will try to post a photo tomorrow.
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    "Best" has only the definition that you need to supply by saying what you want to accomplish and how you intend to use them. There is no one set of "best" lights, only a limited list of possible good choices for each lighting purpose.

    So, are you hunting long range drving lights, something for "always on conspicuity", fill light for road shoulders/cornering, a way to improve your stock lo beam headlight coverage or what? Been installing all kinds of stuff for almost 50 years and can provide some advice but for what use??

    One thing you've got in your favor is that the R makes enough juice to power almost anything so you're not restricted to low current draw types.
    But you do get what you pay for in lighting- good reflectors and the most current electronics (for LED types) cost more so budget can influence results. A cheap Chinese pie pan reflector and low grade circuits that power many LED devices can be made and sold cheaply but aren't usually a good choice if one values performance and long term output reliability. Here in NC, the most common type longer term failure is hazing of the (aluminized) reflectors in hot humid conditions, made worse by any rain use. Have killed many types in this manner so unless you want to buy twuice, attention to good sealing is a major discriminator..

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    I agree with Racer7, it's not just the light but how/ where you use and mount them. I have had terrific luck with the Hella DE's I mounted on my RT. The fact that they are low and wide makes a big difference over mounting them under the headlight. I know you are on an R not an RT, but the principal still applies. I leave mine on during the day as well for the all important 3 points of light, and at night only use the PIAAs when I am on a street with few cars and no street lights.

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