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Guys. I have the G-9 unit on my Schubert C3. I have it bluetoothed to my Samsung Galaxy SIII. I had the same problems others have stated - cannot hear phone conversations with earplugs in. So I replaced the speakers in the helmet with a plug that allows me to plug in earbuds. Mine is the Klipsch S4 unit, which is noise isolating. Great sound. The G9 unit comes with speakers permanently wired to it. But I found a lady in Arizona who takes the unit apart, removes the headphone wires, installs a jack on the unit, and puts a male jack on the speakers. Now I can choose to use either the speakers or the earbuds.
That hasn't been a problem for me with the SRC. It is loud enough for GPS instructions and music with earplugs in and the stock speakers.. and I don't take phone calls while the bike is moving. It's plenty loud for a phone call if I'm sitting on the bike stationary.

With the earbuds, you need an inline volume control as now the G9 is so loud you cannot get the volume low enough without a seperate control. She also sells the volume control which I plug into the G9. Then plug the earbuds into the volume control. Now I have no problems hearing phone or music. I play both MP3's from the phone and iHeart Radio from the internet with no problems.

I am now going to work on getting the Nav IV into the mix. I know that it does not have anywhere as nice mp3 player as the Samsung S3. So All I want from the GPS is voice instructions.

I'm also interested in getting a voice recorder tied in. I use the GoPro HD with remote. But I would like to be able to input voice into the video while I'm riding without always linking it directly to the video. It is a pain to seperate the video from the audio when mixing a movie. But the vox on my voice recorder keeps the recorder going all the time when a mic is placed in the helmet. I'm thinking I need a remote control for the voice recorder. But that is not what this thread is about.

Will let you all know how the Nav IV connection goes. If your interested in the earbuds conversion, drop me a line. It costs $48 for everything and she has fast turn around service.
Sounds like a nice option, but - since the SRC is warrantied by Schuberth, and they make it very clear that any alteration of it voids the warranty, people may want to think about that before modifying it. The person who modifies the G9 -- have they seen the SRC? While electronically it's probably identical to the Cardo G4, physically its a very different beast, built into a Schuberth helmet collar..