Rather then tag this on to the end of the C3 thread, I figured this deserved it's own thread... and after searching, and coming up with nothing, here it is.

Got the SRC system from an Ebay auction (BMW Motorcycles of Countryside).. slightly used apparently (although it looked like new, it didn't have the manuals, cords or velcro.. all of those were readily available, so at $203.50 it seemed a bargain.)

Took about 3 hours to fully charge up (using my cell phone charger).. and then I worked my way though the not terribly well written manual. It's another manual sort of written by experts for other experts sorta thing. Things are assumed that you know, because the author knew them.

What's really needed is flow charts of the different functions and how to achieve them with the 5 buttons on the SRC.

I managed to get it to do most of what I think it does - with one small exception. The MP3 playing capability via BlueToof - hooking it up to my HTC Incredible-II got me MP3 music, but aside from pausing it and playing it - I wasn't able to control it very well from the SRC.

The FM receiver is simply noise - but that's no surprise at my house.. a good $1,000 FM tuner has a hard time receiving stations (I'm in an RF black hole of some type - when I pull into my driveway in my car - the radio just fades away.)

Anyway - the question I'll start off with - is how do you have it paired with your cellular communications device. The manual shows two ways to do it. Do a direct pairing between the SRC and the cell phone and a direct pairing of the SRC and GPS, or do what looks like a daisy chain to me: SRC <--> GPS <--> Cell phone.

I tried both and right now I'm opting for SRC <--> GPS and SRC <--> Cell phone. That scenerio does allow me to voice control the phone (not terribly well..) and also have the streaming audio from the phone.

The other scenerio (the daisy-chain) - nicely did upload my phone book to the GPS, and did allow me to control the cell phone via the GPS, but it didn't appear that I could stream MP3s that way.

So - what'cha doin' and why? My GPS is a BMW Navigator-III, which is very similar to the Garmin 2370 series, with BlueToof.